Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Your solution: Breton Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC for automotive industry

Innovative products incorporating the technology which has made Breton one of the leading enterprises on the world market for vertical machining centres for AUTOMOTIVE sector.

The Breton range of machines are acknowledged worldwide for the superior quality technology, their excellent production performance, the innovative solutions offered and unequalled quality of the products and services this company provides to each individual customer.
The gantry machining center with moving cross beam Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC was designed and built to respond to high-speed machining requirements in Automotive applications.

Breton Matrix 1000 Dynamic
Conceived for large complex parts, with its distinctive properties of rigidity and dynamics, it can handle several types of parts at the highest speed, with excellent removal capacity.

The speed of linear axes up to 60m/min, the Direct Drive head with rotation speed up to 100RPM and the C axis with continuous rotation offer outstanding capabilities for profiling complex workpieces with 5 continuous axes ensuring and guaranteeing maximum machining precision and performance.
The direct drive twist head, which can be positioned at any angle thanks to the powerful hydraulic brakes, uses fitting spindles up to 40kW, with 89 or 137Nm torque and rotational speed up to 28,000RPM.

The different configurations of the Matrix Dynamic (Z=1,000, X = 2,200, Y from 2,500mm to 4,000mm,) make the machine perfect for machining medium and large workpieces made of steel, aluminium, resin and composite materials.

Various solutions for the best machine configuration to satisfy each need, conform to the highest standard of innovation and quality. Read the catalogue:

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