Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Countersinking and ultrasonic cutting: two major breakthroughs

Aerospace, the industry continuously searching for innovative materials offering better performance and always looking for micrometrical accuracies.

n industry that needs someone who can promptly develop cutting edge production solutions which could be both competitive and reliable.

That's why many major Aerospace players selected Breton as a partner, the Italian company manufacturing high-speed machining centres who recently introduced two revolutionary technologies that open up new machining horizons for the aero-applications.

COUNTERSINKThe heart of one of these is a machining head that can drill and countersink not only faster but also more precisely than ever before. It can be installed on a variety of 5-axis machining centres, such as those of the Breton Matrix and Breton Eagle families.

No special programing is required since automatically 3 accurate probes around the cutting tool come into contact with the surface of the workpiece to detect the real position in the space, directly adjusting the perpendicular direction to the surface and measuring the exact countersinking depth.

All in one shot!

It's a unique solution, which has already been adopted by various aerostructure manufacturers who now supply components with a higher degree of accuracy in much faster lead times.

Another exciting innovation focuses on the accessories Breton has developed for ultrasonic cutting, ideal for machining core materials with aramid and aluminium honeycomb, for structural components which must be lighter than ever while maintaining their structural rigidity, produced at incredible speed.

Both technologies are automatically managed and are interchangeable with other conventional rotary cutting tools, for a perfect multitasking concept, performing a series of operations with just one machine thus reducing investments, production costs and times, while guaranteeing greater accuracy and more efficient productivity.

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