Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Breton Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC, the 5-axis "no-compromise" machining centre

Boosting productivity is a common denominator for companies in the aerospace, automotive, and toolmaking industries. The production of high quality components, of impeccable precision and advanced technology is a plus that only certain 5-axis machining centres can deliver.

Breton Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC, the latest arrival in the Matrix family, combines these features: to introduce you to its prodigious capabilities we decided to provide a sequence of photographs and videoclips of this innovative machining centre.

Tool changer
As you can see, the Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC is ideal for milling medium and large-size  workpieces in steel, aluminium, engineered materials and resin, with strokes of up to  3,000x6,000x1,300mm.

Precision first and foremost: have you seen the type of parts this machine can produce? The parts involved are frequently prototypes, also in titanium or special alloys, that call for absolute compliance with design tolerances.

For example, this version of the machine – the Matrix DYNAMIC K60 presented at EMO in Milan, with a motor spindle power rating of 70 kW - can handle workpieces of up to 6 metres in length with an aluminium chip removal rate of up to 11,000 cm3/min. This is an enormous benefit in many industries in which aluminium is widely employed, such as the automotive and aerospace industries.

The Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC, just like all Breton machining centres, can be fully customised on the basis of the requirements of each customer. Configurable with one or two work areas for pendulum machining operations, the machines can also be fitted with robotic chain or rack type tool magazines with a fast tool changer manipulator to reduce idle times caused by tool changeovers.

A range of bespoke solutions to maximise throughput for any company.
Just take a look at some examples of the machining capabilities:





Please feel free to browse through our catalogue below, for a detailed description of the specifications:

If you're interested in the Breton Matrix 1000 DYNAMIC machining centre, just drop us a line at mail@breton.it. We'll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for your interest: we're looking forward to hearing from you!


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