Monday, 30 October 2017

Ultrix 1200 EVO: doubled working area with 30% less footprint

The latest machine born in Breton, natural evolution of Ultrix and Xceeder family doubles the working area and reduces the footprint by 30%.
Breton thinks that this machine configuration is the best to machine aerospace engine components; the vertical spindle allow an easier piece setup, the trunnion table offers a better accessibility and can be used to remove chips rotating A axis. The machine has a great dynamic in order to guarantee high productivity also on 5 axis machining of aluminum components.

The design is thermo-symmetric in order to reduce and better control structural deformations due to temperature effects. Of course all the heating sources are cooled to avoid heat transfer to other components.

The machine basement is produced using Metalquartz®, a Breton patent, resulting in a structure better than a cast iron one from both rigidity and vibration dumping point of view.

All the machine components involved in operators preventive maintenance are grouped in an easily accessible area. The tool change has the loading area in front of the machine, different types of tool holders (Capto, Hsk, …) can be automatically managed on milling spindle, turning bar or angular head.

One or two angular heads can be stored in the machine back area, loading and downloading is automatic and the assembly with the RAM is based on a hydraulic clamping allowing to transfer the full torque and power of the spindle. The tool change is automatic too.

The CN can be adjusted in height and inclination in order to increase operators comfort. Piece accessibility has been improved allowing the operator to stay at only .6 in from the turning table. Machine roof can be completely opened to easily load fixtures and pieces.

All the working area is covered with stainless steel creating a bright, easy to clean and anti-age result. Chip wear will be just history! All the axis are pressurized avoiding contaminations.

The new structure is capable to support also heavy machining operations thanks to the innovative 600 Nm spindle and hydrostatic RAM version that increases even more the vibration dumping results.
Also the turning bar performances have been increased thanks to the new available length of 17.7 in. It can be fitted with Capto C8 or HSK-T 100.

The A axis is driven by two powerful torque motors and can be clamped using a double high torque brake, one each side. A torque motor too, up to 450 RPM and 4500 Nm, drives the turning table.

The new Ultrix 1200 EVO is the biggest existing of its type; they give to the user a piece accessibility never seen in the Aerospace market, even in the internal or the external part of the component allowing a productivity with no compromises.
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