Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Breton for Industry 4.0: connect to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The AGE of connection is gone, now you must be interconnected!

You can call it Industry 4.0, smart factory or anything else but it’s a real revolution!

The IV industrial revolution comes after steam invention, electric power and computers.

If correctly managed it’s a great opportunity for the industry.

Working will be easier and safer for the operators, the machines will cooperate between each other, giving more time to concentrate on innovation and competitiveness.
Breton can offer a complete software suite to let you and your company jump into the new era!

Breton Naviman and Breton Sentinel have been developed not only to interconnect our machines but all your shopfloor!
Another good news is that you can start with a very basic configuration to monitor the machines and than integrate the system step by step with additional apps.

For more information write to mail@breton.it.


  1. IoT will be the futur for industry 4.0 and for maintenance people.

    I find also this article about it :

    Industry 4.0 CMMS: Future Maintenance Is Happening Now

    That will probably complete your article.