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World premiere Breton at Bi-Mu: Ultrix 1200 EVO

Breton sets again the new technological edge in the vertical machining centres with its new 5-axis rotary-tilting machine, the biggest in the market.

Making its first world public appearance at the Bimu 2016 (Milan, Italy), the Breton Ultrix 1200 EVO is an high-end technological five interpolated axes multitasking machining centre, designed to achieve the highest performance in heavy milling and turning of tough materials such as special alloys, and titanium.

It guarantees high working flexibility, power, big working envelope, reduce footprint and the dynamics of a compact machine. 

Breton Ultrix 1200 Evo

Ultrix 1200 EVO is made for machining 3D shapes that require milling, drilling, turning and grinding. Operations that make it a suitable product for many sectors: from the aerospace industry to mould production and energy.

The advantage of this machine is that it can make complete parts, reducing the need for different configurations and positioning to a minimum, thereby ensuring quality and accuracy that is well above average.

The machine’s notably solid structure has a base onto which the gantry movement guides are fixed, while the automatic magazine is in a specially designed cavity on the left column.

Following Breton’s tradition, the material used for the structure of Ultrix 1200 is Metalquartz®, a polymeric resin that fills the machine structure to reach impressive rigidity and unequalled vibration damping capacity. 

These characteristics then grant high machining quality, top finishing levels and a longer tool life.

The GANTRY is made of electrowelded normalised steel and moves along the top of the two columns thanks to high-precision roller guides.

Two digital brushless AC motors drive its movement. Linear optical encoders with micrometric resolution, positioned on both sides, detect the bridge’s position.

The RAM is anchored to the front of the bridge and is also made of normalised steel. The RAM runs on the bridge, driven by a system of ball bearings and a preloaded double lead screw nut.

All powered by a brushless motor. Also in this case, the accuracy is ensured by Heidenhain optical encoders with micrometric resolution.

At the bottom of the RAM, near the motor spindle, there is a three-axis accelerometer sensor, which is very useful for monitoring the tool balancing during machining. 

This highly accurate system, with its software suite to establish the monitoring and intervention thresholds, reduces damage due to accidental collision, even during manual operations.

The TURNING TABLE tilts from -120° to +120°, and is driven by a direct drive motor.

It is hardly necessary to mention that each unit and bearing is kept at a completely stable temperature by a dedicated chiller and is controlled by high-resolution direct encoders.

Key points of the Ultrix 1200 EVO:

  Travels: 1700x1600x1000 mm

• Easy operator access to the work table thanks to wide front door openings.

• Dedicated turning tool

• Accessory management (additional heads, special tools, turning heads with transmission etc.) in the machine’s dedicated internal magazine, with automatic tool change.

• Tilting table available with dual Direct Drive or Dual Drive A axis with play recovery and max torques of up to 9000Nm.

Milling/turning table with torques of 2000 to 5000Nm, max speed 450rpm.

• Heavy Duty HD version available with milling motor spindle with torques of up to 900 Nm and maximum speed of 14000rpm. 
Thanks to its high rotation speed, this solution allows significant roughing and excellent finishing of the workpieces, without changing machining centre.

Symmetrical structures to reduce the impact of thermal expansion to a minimum.

• Base filled with Metalquartz® Breton ensures vibration damping and thermal stability.

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