Thursday, 8 September 2016

Innovation and quality for aerospace applications by Breton

Aerospace, the industry continuously searching for innovative materials offering better performance and always looking for micrometrical accuracies.
Piaggio Aero Avanti Evo

An  industry that needs someone who can promptly develop cutting edge production solutions which could be both competitive and immediately reliable.

That's why many major Aerospace players selected Breton as a partner, the Italian company manufacturing high-speed machining centres: continuous research and innovation are in its DNA.

From the most affordable machine configurations up to the large and complex automated manufacturing systems, Breton is always focused in providing its customers with the best ‘Return Of Investment’ solutions.
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At their engineering and manufacturing headquarter in Northern Italy as well as in the other 6 service centers worldwide, a dedicated staff of experts is performing preventive part and process analysis in order to determine the most effective and efficient way of producing aerospace parts using a very wide mix of technologies including turning, milling, grinding or in-process probing.

Breton competences are ranging from the lightest composite materials up to the toughest special alloys and,doesn’t really matter if the application is around an aero-engine part or a large structure, their vertical gantries provide an answer even to the most specific demands.


There are multiple advantages offered by the architecture of the Breton machines (vertical trunnion tables, large overhead gantries and moving portals) such as reduced footprint, greater  and comfortable accessibility, very high dynamics, thermo-symmetry and thermal stability combined to a user-friendly programming and a low maintenance requirement.

These benefits become even more evident when a single machine is capable of performing more than one task simultaneously in a perfect multitasking approach, a concept in which Breton is well-experienced.

As an example, in its ceaseless research for innovation, Breton has recently introduced two revolutionary technologies that open up new horizons for the machining of aero-applications.


The heart of one of these is a machining head that can drill and countersink not only faster but also more precisely than ever before. It can be installed on a variety of 5-axis machining centres, such as those of the Breton Matrix and Breton Eagle families.

No special programing is required since automatically 3 accurate probes around the cutting tool come into contact with the surface of the workpiece to detect the real position in the space, directly adjusting the perpendicular direction to the surface and measuring the exact countersinking depth.

All in one shot. It's a unique solution, which has already been adopted by various aerostructure manufacturers who now supply components with a higher degree of accuracy in much faster lead times.


Another exciting innovation focuses on the accessories Breton has developed for ultrasonic cutting, ideal for machining core materials with aramid and aluminum honeycomb, for structural components which must be lighter than ever while maintaining their structural rigidity, produced at incredible speed.

Both technologies are automatically managed and are interchangeable with other conventional rotary cutting tools, performing a series of operations with just one machine thus reducing investments, production costs and times, while guaranteeing greater accuracy and more efficient productivity.


Considering the important existing order backlog in several aerospace programs, the rump-up stage of many others and the extremely positive outlook for the future of the air transportation, there is no doubt that most of the international aerospace players need to increase productivity and be prepared for incoming growing demand.

In such a context  the selection of a reliable and dependable machine tool partner is becoming more and more important every day. If you need a robust supplier granting stability and innovation for the years ahead, Breton is the one.


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