Thursday, 21 November 2013

NEW Matrix JET

A competitive solution
High-speed precision machining centre for milling complex three-dimensional work-pieces which require accurate machining and continuous axis interpolation. MATRIX JET 1000 is the ideal solution to satisfy production requirements across a multitude of industrial applications from aerospace industry to automotive, die-manufacturing and design.     

Wide choice of configurations for customized performances
Various solutions for the best machine configuration to satisfy each need:
· Standard model with one working area
· Model with two working areas for pendular machining

Easy access and perfect visibility
Great accessibility and visibility of the working area thanks to the machine structure with moving bridge and wide lateral doors that make the work-piece loading easier.

Precision, Dynamics and Flexibility when machining at high speed with 5 continuous axes
In order to guarantee high performance, the new MATRIX JET 1000 is built on a heavy-duty cast iron bedplate which acts as a support for the bridge sliding. Columns consist of a sandwich structure made of arc-welded and stabilized steel.

Monitoring and in-process inspections
MATRIX JET 1000 can be supplied with a laser tool presetter and a radio frequency probe for acquiring work-piece size and coordinates.

A superior head
The electrospindles offer always the best machining performance thanks to the cast-iron fork designed head which offers structural rigidity with efficient vibration damping properties. The highest-performance models are provided with Direct Drive motorized heads.

High-speed, Performance and Precision
The carriage and beam travel on properly dimensioned recirculating roller guideways ensure machining precision and stability. Axes are moved by a ground ball screw and double preloaded ball nut assembly. Maximum axis precision is achieved thanks to the micrometric technology applied. Axes are powered by digital drives and ultimate generation brushless servomotors.

Wide choice of electrospindles
The MATRIX JET 1000 machining centre can be supplied with a wide range of electrospindles depending on the type of material to be machined. Machining precision is always guaranteed by the thermal stabilising system which consists of a special software designed and developed to compensate natural thermal expansion in the electrospindles when machining conditions vary.

The ideal cooling system
Depending on the type of machining, the tool cooling system can use a coolant liquid which flows inside and outside the spindle (60 L/min) with fixed or variable (up to 70 bar) internal pressure, or incorporate a spray mist system, or simply use compressed air.

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