Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Breton XCEEDER - a flexible machining centre

Xceeder is the high speed portal machining center with trunnion table and 5 axis, built for precision, longevity and reliability in milling operations of small to large parts.
Not simply a machining center but a complete precision manufacturing cell offering all the required productivity and flexibility

The Xceeder series offers multiple configurations to face at best all the applications ranging from the tough superalloys up to the most complex composites materials. Three available versions with maximum machining diameters of 900mm, 1200mm e 1400mm (35.5’’, 47’’, 55’’) tailored to the production of complex gears, impellers, blisks, jet-engine parts, moulds, dies and tools. Projects in aerospace, automotive, power generation, and general industry.
The Xceeder series is designed for USER-FRIENDLY and productivity enhancing operation.
Provided with full frontal and overhead access to simplify and normalize load/unload operations of even the most precise and sensible parts. 
The wide doors with large inspection windows grant to the operators an accurate process supervision on absolute safety also on installations with APC systems.

It is from the heart of the Xceeder structures that most of its multiple advantages originate. Its base is not simply a monoblock but,  due to the dampening capacity of Breton patented ‘Metalquartz’, thermal inertia and removal of vibrations combine together to guarantee top quality , higher accuracy and reduced cutting-tools wear.   

The robust ribbed portal is guided and driven by a Gantry system assuring a perfect thrust and thermal symmetry, thus avoiding any undesired torsions. It is with extreme easiness that Xceeder reaches the inner sides of narrowest components or any angle on the most complex parts. This is made possible by its sturdy vertical RAM and by the trunnion-type tables equipped with the most dynamic and efficient DirectDrive technology. 

High Dynamics: To be strong, fast and accurate at the same time is not an easy task, and not for everyone. Xceeder is all in one, thanks to the axis drives at 60m/min (2360’’/min) on short-pitch recirculating ballscrews and to the use of DirectDrive motors with brisky accelerations, high Jerks and tight contour tolerances.
The various Xceeder configurations always guarantee the highest efficiency in milling operation due to an accurate selection of branded electrospindles with their combination of torque, power and speed. 

From 30 to 480Nm, from 20 to 85Kw (27-115Hp) with 14.000, 18.000 28.000rpm it is always easy to find the best set performances to get the most from any material. 
Here you can find technical data about our several Xceeder models.

For request or INFO about Breton XCEEDER write to mail@breton.it
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Sergio Prior


  1. A good friend of mine works in a machining center and he loves it. It sounds like a good job that has a lot of really cool tasks involved with it. I'm wanting to learn more about it and see if I have what it takes to work in one.


  2. Dear Roger,
    if you need other INFO write to mail@breton.it.
    Best regards,
    Sergio Prior
    Marketing Manager
    Breton spa