Friday, 8 July 2011

It's not just a question of microns - Part 2

Leading models
This is how Breton moved into the Aviolamer production site as of the end of 2010. The first centre was a Matrix 800 2t K25 which was then shortly  followed by an Eagle 1000 2t K45.
The Matrix has a work table measuring 3000x2000 mm with a carrying capacity of 10 tonnes per metre square.
Axis X has a travel of 2000mm, axis Y 2500mm and the 800mm in travelling height of axis Z is perfect for machining large size work pieces.
These machines have 5 axes which are indispensable for achieving successful results in this industry.  Travel along axis A is  ±105° whereas axis C in continuous rotation allows for producing complex profiles.
The model installed at Aviolamer is fitted with a 28000 rpm spindle, a output of 28 and 20 kW with a torque of 55/38 Nm in S6 (40%) or  in continuous operation.
The HSK-63A spindle chuck is designed for high speed operations and high milling performance.
To reduce downtimes , axis speed is 40m/min (20 m/min a long axis Z) and tool changeover takes just a few seconds.
Eagle has a worktable measuring 5000x2000 mm with a carrying capacity of 500kg/m2, axis travel X/Y/Z are respectively 2500x4500x1000mm and axis A can rotate from 0 up to +115° and axis C travels ± 270°.
This model offers improved axis speed up to 85 m/min along X and Y and 50 m/min along Z.
The spindle is the same model as on the Matrix and ideal for milling and machining hard materials which are typically used in the aviation industry.
Immediate advantages
Thanks to these high-speed machining centres, Aviolamer has substantially reduced  production times and at the same time has  improved the geometrical quality and surface finish increasing this company's competitiveness  in this precise and difficult market. 
When we first approached Breton our aim was to produce complex parts in the shortest possible time, but we soon realised that not only this first objective was feasible but the margin guaranteed by Matrix and Eagles was significant and quite simply it really depended on the confidence the operator had with the machine". 
Introducing this type of machinery in a production site where no one has experience with working with continuous 5-axis equipment can be difficult.
Breton offered a support service to the operators so that in just a few days they were independent and could work to production requirements practically immediately.  But not only -  Mr Zaccone explains " When looking at  the last two work orders just completed there are certain machining details that we would never have achieved with the previous machinery. With the Sirius project, for example, these machines demonstrated their high performance and for the automotive business we produced most of the aluminium model for the production of the Fiat 500. This model is an exact replica of the vehicle which is used as reference for all the other suppliers for assembling their parts. It goes without saying, absolute precision is critical in this precise case." 
Multi-purpose instruments
As part suppliers we are at the bottom of the production chain” Mr Zaccone continues “and as such we have to deal with product criticality. On one hand it's a disadvantage because we have to provide a combination of production flexibility, reduced production costs and precision but on the other it's this precise company  strength that has made Piaggio Aero, Agusta and Thales choose us as their suppliers."
The experience with Breton has brought us a number of important advantages and has opened to doors onto new opportunities:  “These two new machines have offered us an unexpected result even from a marketing viewpoint.  When our customers visit our production site to  understand who we are they are now placing important work orders with us because they have seen for themselves skilled operators and quality production machinery at work.”
In future we are aiming at developing new parts. We already produce a number of parts for the Boeing 787 but there's a good chance of producing more complex pieces.  If the sales orders continue to increase" Mr Zaccone concludes “ we are thinking of buying  another Breton machining centre specifically designed for machining and milling titanium."Read Part 1 >>;
(courtesy of TM - Tecnologie Meccaniche)


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