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Nearly all of Breton machines are dedicated to the civil aviation and aerospace industries: Eagle, Raptor, Matrix, Flymill, Titan, Xceeder, Ultrix are all work centres designed and developed to machine different materials and different size workpieces. 
For example when machining lightweight structures for aviation especially  in resin and composite materials the 5-axis Eagle and Raptor work centres are the ideal choice. 
Thanks to their structure (interpolated 5-axis mobile gantry beam) these machines are perfect for milling, trimming, edging and boring complex 3D workpieces offering maximum machining precision when performing undercuts.
The family Matrix and Flymill are the choice for high precision machining medium to large size components in aluminium and special alloys used in military applications and for machining carbon fibre
Rigidity and high dynamics are distinctive features of these machines  making them ideal for machining a multitude of components and products at high speeds with maximum milling performance. 
Breton holds the patent for its exclusive  Metalquartz technology which applied to its high speed machining centres improves overall and all around machine and machining  performance.

Amongst the machines presented at the Aerospace Meeting 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, was Titan a new product designed and developed  for machining  and milling high-performance alloys and titanium. 

Titan This range consists of 3 models with a mobile gantry structure with 5 interpolated axes and which differ in terms of vertical and transverse travel (from 2500mm up to 4000mm), whereas longitudinal travel spans from 3000mm up to 8000mm and over upon specific request.
These machines have been designed for high-speed machining requirements when milling titanium and high-performance alloys, steel and light alloys. 
Titan is designed for machining complex  3-D (prism) workpieces which require various operations as milling, boring and tapping satisfying production requirements across a broad range of applications in the  aeronautical, energy, die manufacturing and precision engineering industries.

To satisfy specific  production requirements of the civil aviation and aerospace industries it is of utmost importance to be able to not only machine and mill highly complex components but all in turnaround production times whilst maintaining  superior standards of quality.  And Breton knows this.
There are four models in the 5-axis Flymill range:  1000, 1300, 1600 and 2000. The main difference between  the models is vertical and horizontal travel – 2500mm, 4000  mm and 3500mm – whereas longitudinal travel spans from 2000mm to 8000mm and over. 
The twist heads, with a continuous rotation of axis C,  axis A rotation from  -105° up to +120°, rotational speed up to 100 rpm and 40kW electrospindle,   make this solution the perfect choice for high-speed machining operations of complex workpieces as it operates along the 3 dimensions in simultaneous. Machine operation and programming is simple and user friendly.
The Flymill range of CNC vertical work centres has been designed to offer the end user an amp work area all in a compact design becoming the perfect choice when factory space is at a premium. The wide choice of accessories allow customers to customise the machine to satisfy specific production requirements.

Matrix is the new range of  Breton machining centres, with a mobile crossbeam designed and developed in.-house, to satisfy the new high-speed machining requirements and demand of the aerospace industry.
Matrix thanks to the various machine configurations and choice of models offered it is possible to have  axis X from 2500 mm up to 3900 mm, axis Y starting from 2000mm up to 8000 mm and axis Z from 1000 mm up to 1600 mm, and the perfect solution  for machining medium and large size workpieces in special alloys,  steel, aluminium, resin and composite materials.
Xceeder is the range of work centres Breton offers  for high-speed machining requirements satisfying the most demanding customers in the civil aviation and  aerospace industries.  
The gantry structure, Metalquartz technology and rotary tilting  table with direct drive are significant and important features for demanding production needs all in a compact design.
Maxima is a vertical multi-purpose 6-axis high-speed machining centre designed for milling and turning operations and machines parts with diameters up to 3500 in superalloys (titanium, Inconel etc), steel, aluminium and composites.
The linear axes can reach speeds of up to 60 m/min and worktable rotary speeds of up to 500 rpm. The axes are structurally robust and the milling/turning worktable can be supplied with  diameters of up to 3000mm,  operational torques up to 28000 Nm and loading capacities of 12000 kg.
The automatic high-speed 5-axis Breton Ultrix range is designed for milling, turning and gauging workpieces with diameters measuring up to 1200mm.  The Ultrix work centre is fitted with a powerful 75 kW spindle, 300 Nm, 14000 rpm and a specific software for manufacturing gears
This is Breton’s fully-automated answer to satisfy high quality production standards and machining precision for producing small to medium size workpieces.
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