Thursday, 26 May 2011

Breton vertical machining centre - multiple solution

Regarding the global solution to problems of machining of complex products, Breton can mention: FGUP “MMPP Saljut” (Moscow)  - leading enterprise on the Russian industrial market - purchased a 5-axis Xceeder1200/RTmachining centre and processing technology for producing parts for fifth-generation aviation engines; OAO “Proton-PM” (Perm’) leading company of the “Rossyskoe Federalnoe Kosmicheskoe Agenstvo” (ROSKOSMOS), the Russian Aerospace Agency, purchased a 5-axis turning and milling machining centre Ultrix 1000/RT HD for producing parts for the first-stage engines of “Proton” heavy-class booster-rockets
The Breton specialists have studied a new technique for “blisks” rough milling which for the first time has been employed – “axial penetration milling”. To ensure quality finishing operations and to avoid any problematics which could arise – for example deflection in the blades during machining – a special composite with a high-melting point is used to fill the space between the blades.

To machine the complex channels inside the engine group flange for first-stage engines for “Proton” rockets, the Breton specialists developed and presented a strategy which had never been employed in the Ultrix 1000/RT HD machining centre before – the use of a sixth additional machining axis
With the aim of improving machining quality and reducing rejects, Breton developed a specific software which was also patented.
Blank geometrical parameters are compared to the parameters defined by the project engineer and if in the event there are differences or variances the program automatically generates the new tool path. Companies looking for superior quality production results, greater productivity and machine reliability and performance can rely on Breton’s team of specialists and experts in their fields to offer and provide the right solution to satisfy individual production requirements and expectations.

Here you can find the information about the Breton vertical machining centre:
- Xceeder
- Ultrix


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