Thursday, 18 November 2010

Winning partnership - Team-play champions!

In the course of time, Breton introduced a series of high-speed milling centres which are capable of meeting all the requirements of the automotive industry.
There is someone, however, who works in even more sophisticated and technologically demanding sectors using the same machines. An example is the Formula 1, where Red Bull, winner of the Drivers' and Constructors' World Championship, machine their car bodies utilizing machines they purchased from Breton at three different times over the years.  
Our offer range increased considerably with the passing of time, and today it's no exaggeration to say evenly that, in this connection, we are the leader both in quality and quantity. Indeed, our offer in this field begins from the two Matrix (800 and 1300), ideal to machine all the components of a car which, after being assembled, are used to realize the complete model under study, and ends with the Flymillwhere the subject is the whole model in full scale.
Among the different companies which chose to follow this path, we can number Saab, Volkswagen and General Motors in Australia.
With Matrix and Flymill, we entirely encompass the style process of the car, therefore it's no accident if, besides being used by car constructors, our machines are installed by many independent style centres and car designers


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