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HIGH SPEED PRECISION with Breton MATRIX 1000 DYNAMIC vertical machining centre

Breton has chosen to install the high-end HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 numerical control on the renewed versions of the Breton Matrix Dynamic 5-axis machining centres.
(By Claudia Pirotta - TECNE' )

In this edition of EMO 2015, Matrix, the 5-axis continuous high speed machining centre manufactured by Breton is presented to the public for the first time in the renewed version equipped with the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 numerical control.  

In fact, at the stand you can admire a Matrix 1000 K60 Dynamic equipped with HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 numerical control. 
The operating dynamics (acceleration and movement) of the machining centre manufactured by Breton has always been one of the strong points of this family of machines dedicated to milling medium and large parts from steel, aluminium, composite materials or resin. 

On the improved Matrix Dynamic version, Breton has chosen to install the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 numerical control for the first time, offering further a performance improvement in terms of chip removal and milling quality.
Three years after its launch, the TNC 640 control is now a consolidated product for combined milling and turning applications, and it has the right characteristics to serve the range of machine tools manufactured by Breton. Fast block processing, short control loop cycle time, smooth motion that ensures an accuracy not commonly found in machined surfaces and, not least, fast data transfer distinguish HEIDENHAIN control for High Speed applications. 

In particular, the ADP function, which calculates the maximum feed rate in advance, has been further enhanced in the TNC 640 giving it a strong “look ahead”, with enhanced block reading that allows the machining path to be adjusted in order to optimise it for the 5 axes in terms of machining time and surface quality. 

Tests conducted in Italy have given significant results, confirming that the TNC 640 is specialised for 5-axis machining control. The programmer, in collaboration with the creator of the CAM program, is given the opportunity to decide the most appropriate way to manage and set up the machining. 

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 offers even greater opportunities to improve the machining results compared to the iTNC 530. With suitable modifications, tests have shown, a 10% efficiency increase under "normal" work conditions, that is, without taking the machine to its limit.

Breton’s reference target in the machine tools sector is to build “tailored” machines intended for manufacturing high quality, high technology products, generally in small lots. Strong customisation is one of the company's distinctive features: starting from the catalogue range, Breton customises the machines to adapt them to their customers’ production needs. 
In the machine tools field, the company has concentrated on the continuous 5-axis high speed machining centres for the die manufacturing, aerospace and racing sectors. Fields for which machining of materials such as aluminium, special alloys, titanium and composites is required, sometimes with uncommon profiles (just think of the prototypes), characterised by very high surface quality, maximum respect of the design tolerances and first class finishing. 
In recent years, Breton has also paved the way towards gearing, a very delicate niche sector. Large gears, small lots, prototypes or special spare parts that cannot be made conveniently with traditional machines: any of Breton’s 5-axis centres is able to manufacture these parts.

When the finished product requires high technology and surface quality, the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control proves to be a winning choice because it enhances the HSC precision machining of the 5 continuous axes. Like all the Breton machines, Matrix has a vertical portal gantry structure, which optimised the machine’s footprint and ensures high precision over the axes’ full travel, thanks to the neutrality of the RAM configuration. Moreover, the vertical configuration aids chip removal and makes access to the work area safe and immediate.

All the heads are developed internally and are integrated with various motor spindles with innovative solutions developed by Breton in collaboration with its suppliers, with various powers and rotation speeds, suitable for machining different materials. 
In particular, the machine on display is equipped with a very high speed spindle, with a nominal power of 70kW, which guarantees a constant machining torque up to 10,000rpm (see graph). This innovative solution guarantees excellent chip removal in the aluminium and aerospaces sectors, embracing the HSM philosophy in full.

The machine has been developed to ensure machining of the highest quality, starting from the spindle and the high-speed milling concept. All the motors in the Matrix have thermostats to limit the heat dissipation. Carefully combining and manually fitting the individual parts that make up the machine cancels structural deformation caused by temperature variations. The bridge travels on columns and guideways filled with Metalquartz®, a compound of resin and aggregate developed by the Breton research centre, that damps the vibrations and helps stabilise the structure.

The build characteristics of the Matrix Dynamic, together with the power of a control like the TNC 640 ensure the machine has better HSM machining performance, offering a valuable instrument to all those working in this sector.

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