Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Machining materials that produce dust and fumes? We have just the solution for you!

A clear blue sky is over Breton machining centres. Protection is fundamental for the safety of the work environment:

but do you think this means doors? Wrong. 
Looking up can give us an idea of how chips, dust and fumes, some of which may be toxic, can be dispersed in the environment. That's why Breton mobile bridge machines like the Matrix, Flymill, Maxima and Eagle are fitted with full covers. 
The search for higher performance often pushes manufacturers to create rigid bridge machine-tools offering higher and higher performance, which at high speed can produce emissions. 

Let's take the Maxima as an example; it's one of the biggest machine-tools in the Breton range, and as a  consequence it has a large, light top cover that can be customized (in fact, the bellows constructions is modular), and it's always anchored to the bridge which follows its movements. 

The Matrix machining centre is often used to machine aluminium, titanium and steel, materials that can produce chips

While on the one hand customers want faster machines, on the other Breton has to make sure that in the upper covers, fast movements are silent and precise, instead of producing noise and vibrations. 
Thanks to the soundproofing material used to dampen the end-of-travel, the self-lubricating sliding blocks and polymer-coated metal rollers, there is no such risk

The Flymill is also used to machine resins, the dust of which can easily be sucked up by the bellows. To prevent this happening, all the covers installed on Breton machines have translucent fabric bellows (they look almost transparent and let light pass so you can see the machine working), with a very high resistance to abrasion, cutting, oils and high temperatures in general

Composite materials are also affected by these problems: in this case fumes and dust emissions. Without a doubt, the Eagle is the perfect machining centre for this type of process. 

The installation of the top bellows in this case prevents fine dust escaping, guaranteeing a controlled airflow so that the dust can be extracted 

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