Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Breton NEWS at BIMU fair - Milano

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I visited the BIMU exhibition in Milan last Thursday and I noticed a significant rise in visitors compared to last year: indeed a good sign.
Breton presented the Matrix 1000 Dynamic machining centre while producing a gear wheel 1.100 mm in diameter.

Due to space problems, Breton exhibited only the RAM of the new Breton TITAN” machining centre, a POWERFUL machine with a moving portal making it the ideal solution for high-speed machining of large components made of titanium, superalloys, steel and special alloys.

This vertical machining centre was designed for machining complex workpieces that require various operations such as milling, boring and tapping thus satisfying the requirements of a broad range of applications in the aeronautical, energy, die manufacturing and precision engineering industries.

The machine is equipped with a newly developed 45° head (Breton patent). This head, which is unique of its kind, is composed of a “C” axis, equipped with  “Direct Drive” motor and firmly connected to the vertical RAM, on which the head is fixed. 
Inside the head there is both the 45° “B” axis Direct Drive motor and the brushless motor spindle for power-machining operations. 
This solution allows to mount a mechanical spindle on the “B” axis by means of solid clamping devices.
This spindle has been developed so to make maximum use of the motor power included in the head or alternatively to use an electrospindle

This technology grants high flexibility in machining, such as low-speed and high-speed milling operation,   and turning machining operations as well: all is obtained by using only one axis and the same head!
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