Friday, 28 March 2014

Breton ULTRIX cnc high-speed multitask machining centre for milling and turning superalloys steel aluminium and composite materials

Our 5 Axis Gantry High Speed Tilt Table Machining Center Built for precision, longevity, and reliability in milling and turning small to large workpieces with ideal configurations ranging from super alloys to composites.
Purposeful workspace configurations
Our Ultrix series is standard in two main size platforms of 800 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm (round table diameters) tailored to applications ranging from Complex Gear, impeller, and blisk applications, molds, dies, tools, for Projects in aerospace, automotive, power generation, and general industry.

Ergonomics and convenience
The Ultrix is designed for USER-FRIENDLY and productivity enhancing operation. We provide full frontal and overhead access to simplify and normalize load/unload operations. We provide full visibility to the working project through wide doors with a generous viewing area.

Advanced dynamics
Through our heavy duty structurally ribbed gantry constructed platform, our shoulders assembled with our Patetented “Metalquartz” dampening system in synergy with our direct drive tilting table we are able to provide our client with extreme material removal, precision, and achieveable finishes, with ultimate control over his process.

Head (RAM) and carriage
Our massive head structure also incorporates our METALQUARTZ technology.
The heavily ribbed and shielded cast iron spindle carriage slides on automatically lubricated reciprocating roller guides for frictionless motion with maximum way surface contact for truest motion under high feed rate stresses.

Spindle performances

Our Ultrix can be customized according to the customers range with ONLY FIRST QUALITY, WORLD CLASS electrospindles in 14.000, 18.000 and 28.000 RPM with HSK 63/100 for milling and CAPTO C6/C8 or KM4X for turning. We offer power configurations, respecting the characteristic demands of both dedicated applications and broad possibilities typical of both OEM and job shop operations.

Axes motion
Our X, Y, Z axis motion control systems are engineered for precise speed! The Motion of the X&Y axis perform by precision inclined rack and pinion motion control with latest generation digital AC brushless servomotors. The Z axis is movement is via precision ballscrew with a preloaded nut.
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