Thursday, 13 January 2011

EAGLE 5 axis vertical high-speed machining centre designed for light alloys, composite materials and resin

EAGLE is a 5 interpolated axes work centre with a gantry structure and mobile crossbeam: the perfect solution when high-speed machining operations are required for milling aluminium and engineered materials.
This machining centre is specially designed for machining complex 3-D components for the aviation industry.

EAGLE has a choice of configurations enabling to perform even the most demanding jobs with maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency, with work ranges spanning from 2.500x2.000Fthe twistx1.000mm up to 20.000x5.000x2.500mm and over, with a twin crossbeam and twin ram for pendular works.
Rigidity and high dynamics are distinctive features of this work centre, which make it ideal for machining a wide range of components and products at extremely high speeds and with maximum milling performance.
Thanks to the speed of the linear axes which reach up to 85m/min and to the symmetrical rotary tilting head with continuous rotation of the "C" axis and 0° to +115° rotation of the "A" axis, EAGLE offers the operators the possibility of performing the 5-axes machining of complex profiles, ensuring maximum precision and machine dynamics when milling undercuts.

The twist head, which can be positioned at any angle, allows for mounting a spindle up to 40kW and with rotation speed up to 28.000 rpm, providing this machining centre with outstanding milling efficiency and performance.

The closed structure and drive assemblies which are all mounted on the top part of the machine, ensure maximum operator safety and remarkable precision, performance and reliability during the machining.

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